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China Buffet Meeting - 2/11/07!

   All in all, A very good turnout. We had about 11 people in attendance to enjoy the massive feast that "The China" is known for. As for the weather, partly sunny but a bit cold when the wind kicked up!

In attendance were:

  • Bill Baker
  • Seth Prentiss
  • Butch Nordstrom
  • Mike Antilla
  • Bill Countie
  • Doug Miranda
  • Mike Sweetland
  • Joe Pereira (w/girlfriend)
  • Jon Fleury
Want to welcome a new member along for the ride, Luke Pelletier. He has a very fast 11 sec 85 GLH-T. Nice To meet you!

   As for the meeting,Some really great things came about. To start off, Butch(on soapbox) suggested that we go back to having point system track events.Most everyone agreed.With NED opening on the first of april, We could start there.Butch agreed to take the ball in his court,So i will let him fill in the details.As for all of these events,they are all tenitive till finalized!!

May 5th - Dyno Day!!Back in hartford at the bristol dyno.You know the deal,Be there!! Jonathan treats us great,so its a no brainer..
June 9th--- Turbo Dodge/SRT-4 Day LVD. This has been officially added to their schedule and flyers. Spread the word! Lets make this bigger than cecil! I will be working with the track about a gamblers pot at the gate,so there is some prize money.

July 21st-- "Tribute to shelby" car show at the Larz auto museum in brookline mass.It will be in conjuction with the american muscle day,but we will have our own concours.I have been in contact with SAAC-NE,so they can be apart of this.The events director was very excited about this idea,so im hoping it works out.This is our chance to be seen!! At this point,she is trying to get Brock Yates to be a feature speaker! On our part,Im am asking for 4-5 people that are willing to help out with registration,parking cars on the lawn,etc.. So if YOUR willing,give me a shout! I will need the help... More info will come soon..

August--TBA BBQ at herbs! This is our day to eat,bench race,mini car show,hang out,meet people!

Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec, are still up in the air.

It was suggested that we have another points day and BBQ at Mopar day at NED.

Bill sugggested a poker run on the coast from Redhook brewery in portsmouth Me. and Back. This will be put to voite.

A dyno day in october closer to boston? Its open to discussion.

And obviously the year end party at an undiclosed location.

The last 3-4 months can be constructed at will by the members, So whatever you want,let Bill know so he can finish it up. BE VOCAL!
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