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May 12th, 2007 - Dyno Results (Bristol Dyno)

Jon Burube with his White Spirit R/T.Bone Stock (11psi and 2.5 exhuast)
203HP & 250TQ

Kelly Gomer, Daytona IROC R/T.
Freshened up Diogo Intake, 58mm TB, Upgraded Compressor
Run 1 - 250HP & 250TQ (First Run - Base line: 11PSI with 14 spike)
Run 2 - 274HP & 266TQ (repaired wastegate,and bumped to 16PSI)

Butch Nordstrom, Pontiac GTP Supercharged
3" Downpipe,4" pulley, and custom cal. and cold airbox.
Run 1 - 209HP & 225TQ
Run 2 - 213HP & 238TQ w/stock computer  hmmmmm.....

Bill Countie, Spirit R/T with 8v power
Stock w/ 2.5 exhaust  and 11PSI
186HP & 218TQ

Bill Baker, 90 Shadow
Pump gas,16PSI, and alot of mysterious pinging. (scanner shows no feedback from knock sensor)
266HP & 275TQ

Dan Pelletier, 87 Shelby Z
TBI header, Big Turbo,and 50 shot NOS. 25PSI.
261HP & 297TQ

Dave Dion, 86 GLHT-Turbo
GT30 ball bearing turbo. Baseline @ 20PSI.
307HP & 300+ tQ
(unfortunately he spilled the headgasket.. bummer!)

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