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December 2018
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Digital Dash into a Analog G' Body

Putting a Digital Dash in Daytona
"Why the hell would I want to do that???" (Part Deux)
By: Tim Ross

My greatest accomplishment in electronics has been installing a Digital dash from an 1989 Lebaron into my 1988 Shelby Z. Don't get me wrong, to some it seems easy.. But I have no background what-so-ever with electronics...

Jeff Barnett annd Neil Emiro accomplished this several years ago in their respective cars, and with my first Shelby Z, I always throught of doing this.. And with my Second Shelby, it was time! As with Jeff's project, the big advantage is no real limiter on the digital speedo; it goes all the way to 255 MPH. Like it'll ever see that right?

I obtained the digital dash for nothing from Bill Countie. I had a stockpile of analog clusters from trips to the boneyard. I also cut the pig-tails off these cars too (Just in case)

As many of you know, the digital dash cluster has the same dimensions as the stock 87-88 dash unit in the Shelby Z.

Tools/Stuff Needed
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • 1 Analog cluster from G' body
  • 1 Digital Cluster from Lebaron
  • Dremel or other high-speed dremel-wanna-be
  • Mini Cutting Wheel from above said device
  • Soldering Iron, Solder, Electrical Tape
  • Pinouts of Each Harness, Provided through a Mopar FSM (Thanks Cliff)

Pictures and more soon to come.
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