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Lebanon Valley Dragway - Mopars at the Valley Drag Racing and Car Show

The New England Shelby Dodge Auto Club will be attending this event.

The event will take place at Lebanon Valley Dragway (West Lebanon, NY 12195 - Directions).

All mopar vehicles are invited to join in the fun. This is a great event to show the old school guys just how quick and fun our cars are. Mark your calendars so you don't miss the fun!

Date:Saturday, September 26, 2009
Time:Event Begins at 8:00 AM

The weather was great and we had a pretty good member turn out. Jon Berube ran multiple 11 second passes in his 86 GLHS with a best pass of 11.84 and a new mph record of 119.6. Dave Dionne with his 85 GLHT, Bill Baker with his show winning rampage and Kelly Gomer with his 92 IROC R/T all ran deep into the 12's.

A special mention must be made about Joey McKay. He DROVE his immaculate 87 Shelby Charger all the way from Montreal, raced (and broke badly) and then DROVE all the way home!!! Joey ran a 12.0 in his car and on his second pass he attempted to use a little N2O and had a massive intake backfire that blew apart his custom made intake. With a lot of crimping and prying, he was able to get it nearly bent back together and then good old duct tape was used to seal it up to hold vacuum for the long ride home. Yup, he drove all the way home with duct tape being used to seal up the intake manifold!!! Hats off to you Joey - you're a true hardcore Shelby Dogder!

In attendence were (sorry if I missed anyone - as usual - I was busy racing!):

  • Bill Baker
  • Jon Berube
  • Dave and Marci Dionne
  • Kelly Gomer
  • Mark Jewson
  • Doug Miranda with his wife and daughter

Additionally, Dave's buddy Wally pitted with us, as did James Dempsey in his neon. Wally was running mid 11's and James was running low 15's. Gary Donovan and Jon Geneski were at the event and stopped by the pits as well. Good to see you guys out at the track - bring a turbo mopar out and race next time!

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