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Manual Transaxle Drain Plug Install

The following is documentation copied with permission of Cliff Ramsdell. The original publication can be found here.
I'll show you here how to install a drain plug in a manual transaxle. This will work in any of the following. 525, 520, 555, 523, 543 and the 568. The differential carrier must be out to do this because the drill bit will hit the ring gear as will the tap. Always have a factory service manual on hand for torque and other specs.

Remove both bearing carriers from the transaxle.

Pull the carrier assembly out of the transmission and set it aside. Take a clean shop rag and stuff it into the opening that goes to the transmission gear set, don't forget to remove it later.

After you pull the carrier, drill a 7/16 hole in the center of this cavity.

Take a 1/4" pipe tap and tap the hold out. Use care as to how far you run the tap in because a pipe tap makes the hole larger as it goes in farther. You want the plug to be flush with the inside of the case when tightened.

Always use a good liquid thread sealer when installing the plug to prevent a fluid leak. Install the new plug and put the differential back it the car. Now you can change the transmission fluid whenever you like and get all the fluid out of the transmission. This is a good addition to any transmission that has either a Quaife or a Phantom grip because the differential is already out.

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